Writer's Block: Shops Gone By

Woolworths shut its doors in the U.K. last week, sending many into a frenzy of nostalgia and bargain shopping. What now-closed store or chain do you wish was still open?

In the land where I was born, which is Northern Virgina, there used to be Ben Franklin's 5 & 10, or a five and dime. The one I particularly inhabited was located at the corner of Braddock Road and Backlick, which yielded Bradlick shopping center. I was once giving instructions to a man named Brad and he thought I was pulling his leg, but it is still called that.

We went there often when I was a child because it was near where my sister and I took piano lessons. There was also a laundromat, which we had occasion to use a time or two. As far as I knew, they specialized in candy and yarn, because those were the main things I bought. We mostly crocheted with the yarn, which I had learned at 4H at the local methodist church. There was also a display of doll furniture which intrigued me. I don't recall toys, particularly. They must have been the wrong sort for the age I was, which I can easily imagine now if I think of a dollar store and a 12 year old girl. I think they sold fake flowers and baskets too.

I guess the five and dime evolved into the dollar store, which is something to think about. There is a dollar store in Bradlick Shopping center today, and I also remember a Pam E. K's donut shop which used to be on the corner, which was open 24 hours and when I was first learning to drive we would go there sometimes, at obscene hours of the wee morning just because we could. There was a guy I liked named Mike who would hang out with me because he had a crush on my sister. And there we completely abandon this subject and move on to a story about the Howard Jones song, No one is to blame.


I've been catching up on some filing today. I also responded to an e-mail from my daughter's sunday school teacher that illuminated a lot of my family issues (to myself - I didn't go on too much to her.)

I guess things are just so open-ended at this point, there is little use in panicking. I went house shopping with the Man yesterday evening. Choosing a house raises all sorts of issues like whose work we should live closer to, and whether I'm going to have any more children in the next two and a half years (when I turn 40) and whether we will be staying in our congregation or moving out of it. I just need to step back and trust things will work out. I mean, it's not like there is some horrible, urgent reason we need to move. He had a person from work mention wanting to sell her house, and we started out looking at that and then wandering around that area a bit. Then we looked in a beaucoup fancy neighborhood that's still in our congregation.


I had a funny idea for a story yesterday morning. It was about disembodied spirits living in trees. Not as the trees, but their homes were in trees. But I decided it was too weird. They were winged serpents, but not like a dragon. The wings were fins that undulated down the back and the serpents wrapped themselves in a coil to have a wing on either side and could beat the wings by moving not too differently from how they currently do.

It's an old joke I have with my husband that when God cursed the serpent to live in the dust, he took not their legs, but their wings. It's not a very old joke, just something I said once to be funny.

Anyway, this serpent wakes up one day, or possibly in the middle of the night, and their wings don't feel right, and they fall down. And on the ground they find a serpent creeping along, sidewinding, and talk to the serpent about the wing situation. The ground serpent says that this happens to everyone eventually, their wings start to fail, and the only thing for it is to stay on the ground and avoid sunlight as much as possible.

I wasn't really sure what happened next that would make sense. The serpent who is loosing her wings, who does she talk to next? Who does she live with? Where does she go and why? None of the answers that make sense are interesting, and vice versa. That is the tragedy of allegory.

In other news we are tiling our entryway, and it it's taking more time and money than we planned.

I guess if I cross post this, and you have me friended twice, that would be annoying as all geddup.

Writer's Block: This Gets My Vote

Whether it's in an election or just in a fun poll, what's getting your vote this week?
I've decided I'm going to stay Republican and boost for John McCain. I hope my fellow Mormons don't think I'm giving up on Mitt Romney, but I also think the media likes Giuliani a bit too much. Giuliani can't deliver New York, his endorsement by Pat Roberston stinks of a back room deal, and Pro-Life is the primary reason I am a republican (since as a Christian, most of their other hot button issues actually annoy me.) Seeing Giuliani crowned as the winner before the race started filled me with confusion, but getting behind McCain has given me hope and focus.

Various thoughts

I was looking at some sunday school lessons this morning (I woke up at 4:30 and tried to sleep until 5) and I guess maybe the question is not what are the component parts of me, but what things am I a component of?

It's funny because in the lesson I talked about the controversy over how the original 12 steps talks about "we" this and that, and the Church's version talks about "you" this and that. It bothered a lot of old-timers. But I saw it as the Lord addressing me personally.

Well, I guess I can't go backward. I can't undo the last 6 weeks of thinking. I must go forward. I've been continuing to weigh some fairly large questions. I guess part of that was going to the wedding with all the people I was in high school with, 19 1/2 years ago. I guess I'm feeling discouraged about being a writer, though I could still be a writer even if I become a nurse.

I guess this might be called a mid-life crisis. Is it too early for a mid-life crisis? [/Phil Connors]

I tried putting creamer in herb tea

The resulting color should have been a tipoff. It was the color of the background on this browser bar. Now I suppose you may not have your windows theme same as mine, or maybe you're on a mac, but it was way too light to be promising. I think there needs to be a fair component of bitterness to justify creamer.

I'm eating lunch now because of Daylight Savings shift and it was fast sunday yesterday. Leftover stuffed shells... MMmmm.

So I continue to feel adrift (since the events of mid-september, which were of a philosophical nature.) I did do some reading in Doctrine and Covenants 88, looking for insight into the Freudian Trilogy, and I think the components of the soul are a continuum. But so is humanity, and we all seem to be at war pretty regularly.

Also, I gave the Addiction Recovery Program lesson in church yesterday. No one told me how much they liked it, but I kind of didn't expect that. Afterward, one sister mentioned that she doesn't understand the whole "addiction as a disease" thing, and I can remember struggling with the idea. I guess folks who don't think much about the organic nature of mental disorder can find it pretty puzzling.

I'm looking over...

my dead dog rover... or is it a four leaf clover? Anyway, I'm looking over my day and not really seeing when I'm going to get a chance to write. :sigh:. At least I paid my bills already for the first part of this month.


Yeah, I just don't know if I can do it. Life is too crazy this year, and I don't really have any idea of what to write. And I think I'm still kind of put off by the whole Nursing question.

So... nanowrimo...yeah.

I met my goal today. I guess I could have kept writing, but I spent too long updating my word count and then I had to go mail some packages at the 24hour APC and buy some break and milk (and $30 of other junk) and then I remembered an errand i had meant to do wednesday, before I connected the idea that Halloween was the 31 and Wednesday was also the 31.

What I've been writing so far is completely disjointed. I don't know, maybe I'll look over things on Sunday and decide where I want to go from there. You know, after I give the big relief society lesson about the church's 12 step recovery program. Yikes. (Every first sunday the local leadership decides what to teach, and the Branch president asked me to consider that for a topic. )